Benefits of a Shower

Nilem Patel, MD “Taking a shower is not only just for a physical clean but a mental clean, the wellbeing is always better”

First off, people can’t be healthy unless they have access to showers, among other basic needs. From rough sleeping right on the street to being directly exposed to the environment, you don’t need a doctor to tell you that these people are exposed to life-threatening illnesses.

Being able to access showers from right where they live gives our unhoused Angelenos not only the chance to be clean but to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Secondly, people don’t take showers just for health. A shower is vital to how it reflects on us as individuals. From being confident in the way we look and feel, to know that we are not judged as outcasts, showers give us the confidence to connect to society.

We started our showers as a way of giving back our unhoused Angelenos dignity and confidence in the way they look. And to show them that housed or not, we are all one Los Angeles.