Dignity. We don’t want people to lose it


For over ten years, our community of leaders and volunteers has been dedicated to connecting Los Angeles residents with people suffering from the homelessness crisis. Our efforts sustained and growing efforts have helped to serve Los Angeles better.

Since we started bringing people together, preparing meals, and serving the homeless population in Skid Row in 200, we have believed that there is an urgency to bring back dignity to our community. By acknowledging and supporting the people who are suffering from the homeless crisis and the residents who can be part of the solution by exercising compassion and solidarity. Since then, we delivered over 500,000 meals by being present in Skid Row, with 20,000 volunteers who provided more than 75,000 hours. 

What we do today

The Shower of Hope program became the most massive mobile hygiene operation in Los Angeles 2019, operating in 18 locations weekly, serving the Central, Northeast, and South areas of the city. 

Destination Hope is a program that brings Safe Parking Spaces to individuals who are sleeping in their cars, operating in 2 locations in Westlake and Glassell Park every night. 

Hope Navigation Center is a mobile and straightforward tool that helps individuals to find resources such as food, clothing, and showers in Los Angeles.

A Community Model

We develop partnerships with City and County offices, government agencies, and bring a community of local organizations and volunteers who are the critical success factor of the initiative. Not only by bringing the physical resources, but also by building a better community who cares about the wellbeing of the people suffering the homelessness crisis.