While many people may be familiar with the Shower of Hope, it is sometimes easy to forget that we offer other services as well. Our Destination Hope program, which aims to help individuals with vehicles and experiencing homelessness by providing them a safe parking spot for them to sleep overnight at, represents a key lynchpin in our organization’s capacity to reduce homelessness in our city. 

Thanks to a generous grant from the Conrad Hilton Foundation, Destination Hope has the critical resources it needs to best assist our Destination Hope guests move from homelessness to being housed. 

The Conrad Hilton Foundation has awarded End Homelessness California a generous $100,000 grant over a two year period. The funding will be used to pay for down payments on apartments for guests, and help build a permanent pipeline towards getting individuals secured with housing. Additionally, the funds will help pay for DMV fees and other associated expenses for individuals in our Destination Hope program. 

For many of our guests, the difference between being housed, having a temporary shelter in the form of a vehicle, or being chronically homeless can be a two week or months’ savings. Helping people bridge that gap can sometimes mean being permanently housed or permanently homeless. 

Destination Hope guest Alberto Hernadez had been using his vehicle as shelter for several months. “Rent, I don’t have enough. I can’t afford $500,” Alberto said back in 2019. Helping people like Alberto move out of their cars and back into more permanent housing is the goal of the Destination Hope program, and Conrad Hilton’s support of the program is critical in it’s overall mission. 

Thanks to the Conrad Hilton Foudnation’s critical donation, the bridge to helping people get a down payment for an apartment has gotten a lot smaller. 

Contact us: 

For general inquiries, please visit our Shower of Hope page at https://theshowerofhope.org/ . Members of the media can reach us via email partnerships.team@theshowerofhope.org
If you know anyone that is eligible for and/or interested in our Destination Hope Safe Parking Program reach us by phone at (424) 343-7752 or email us at Safeparking@theshowerofhope.org