The Los Angeles Rams in partnership with Ram Trucks honored Mel Tillekeratne, Executive Director & Co-Founder of End Homelessness California, in their initiative called Shining 11.

The Shining 11 highlighted 11 “unsung heroes” in Los Angeles who “exhibit courage, a love for community and help the most vulnerable” in December 2020. 

“I am so happy to receive this honor from the Rams,” Mel said. “It’s amazing that Shower of Hope can gain greater recognition in the Los Angeles community and hopefully inspire people to get involved, either as volunteers or through donating.”

In addition to honoring Mel, they recognized The Shower of Hope as an organization for the mobile showering units, which provide basic hygiene to the unhoused community in Los Angeles and increase dignity and confidence.

“These Angelenos have a ‘Built to Serve’ mentality and make an indelible positive impact in our community through selflessness and desire to create real change,” the LA Rams wrote of the Shining 11 on their website.

The number 11 reflects the 11 starters in football. Each plays different roles and creates strength as a collective.

The honor was shared on their website and on Facebook.

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