Become a Hero

Our volunteers donated more than 22,000 hours since April 2017.

We currently receive support from over 50 volunteers per week.

Why I volunteer

Our volunteers are the core of our service
. Each site requires setting up, making sure that our shower trailers are clean and operational. From organizing the hygiene tables, to clean our shower stalls for the next guest.

But the most critical service our volunteers do is greeting and welcoming every unhoused Angeleno. From guiding them to what they need for a shower to walking them to the stall,  and making sure their experience is great. And, above all else, making them feel that they are welcome in their community.

Rona is a resident of South Pasadena and a business owner. Every Wednesday morning, not only does she volunteer at South Pasadena, she’s our Wednesday team lead making sure all our guests who come to South Pasadena are taken care of .

Kevin Ezeh: People assume that when a person becomes homeless, the immediate need is getting a roof, but the first real need that becomes present is food and hygiene.

Kevin is a real estate professional, as well as a life coach. Giving back to his community as a volunteer and advocating for more resources for the unhoused has always been his passion. He has been involved since the start of The Shower of Hope and continues to support us to help our unhoused Angelenos in every way possible.

Cynthia and Gasethata are partners in life as well as partners in giving back to their community. Cynthia is an unhoused case manager by day, while Gasethata cares for our sick unhoused as his daily profession. Every Saturday, they are a husband and wife team who lead our Highland Park volunteers to make sure that everyone who visits our site receives showers, supplies, and are treated with dignity and love.

Join The Shower of Hope as a volunteer There are a bunch of ways to help out. Learn more and get involved today!


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